Went to a party, mac'd some girls hard, and here's what I wrote about it

The sad thing is 
I'm pondering this world full of girls
This world that is drowning these ambitions and daydreams that are clouded by this venomous snake that is breathing these so called poisons 
Poisons of deceit, love, and longing
These poisons that are removing me from this belonging
Belonging to life and the people around me
Because I can't look at another girl without being reminded that your there watching 
And to tell you the truth it is outstanding 
Outstanding that the fact that your still in my mind is overwhelming 
And this reminder that keeps springing out like a fake gag at an April fools party is what's really annoying
Because me and these other girls are happening but if this mountain is really over exaggerated then this gong show needs to be suspended

The End

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