Underneath the trees.

I can tell you without words

That you mean more than anything I've ever conceived. 

And that as soon as you turn around...

I'm no older than ten

Watching those I need, pack their bags to leave me...

I can tell you without meaningless words, that may as well be lies 

That when I  look up at you

I memorise every thought that passes through your hard eyes

And that in those moments

When you pretend for me, that you need me there

I hide my head in your chest because tears escape my lids. 

I can tell you in the silence

That I find shelter undercover these trees

When I'm whispering into your ear

And theres that half smile in your lips

In your jacket I'm more secure...

Than I've ever felt in any four walls...

I dont need words

Because you know, that everything I want

Everything thats hurt me, and tore me apart

Every person thats pushed me down

And every time my dead hearts stopped

And the way I feel about you 

Is in my wet eyes, Its all in the dirty stained face 

That you hold tight between your warm hands. 

Underneath these trees, on the damp ground. 

The End

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