Underdogs Trapped in Cages

Feel free to question me.

Question my motives, whatever they may be.

Feel free to knock me down.

Just never underestimate me.


You question my success.

You question my ascent to glory.

You question why I’m the best.

When you haven’t heard my story!


I just wanted to make my point.

That it doesn’t matter where you’re born,

With a fighting spirit you can rival them all.

As long as you keep yourself on top form.


Have all advantages you want.

You can plan to win the race.

But I learnt things along the way,

And now I’m the one that leads the pace.


Loom like a falcon if you want.

Ready for a sudden…and sharp descent.

And I’ll remain the phoenix.

And work with the curse that I’ve been sent.


Any disadvantage can be turned.

Into an advantage if you’ve learned.

Just keep it in your heart, your desire and fire,

And we’ll see who’s laughing when they’re feeling burned!


Because we are the underdogs!

Like Pitbulls’ we don’t let go!

Flashing fierce teeth.

And what lies beneath.

Strikes fear into any heart!


We will tear the world apart!

And when faced with a disadvantage we will die!

And like a phoenix we will rise!

Into the darkest of night sky!


Ryan Smith 07/10/10

The End

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