Under This Sky

I was born in a place where there was always wars going on. Life was not absolutely easy there. My parents were farmers who had not been educated in their live, so they'd never got involved in politics but they (including me) gotta flee their very own country anyway. And this poem is portrayed about my past, which was filled with darkness of my life and light of my little, broken heart.

When I was eight
I wanted to be a doctor
Dreamed to be great
But slipped at the corner.

My mom told me not to cry
Even I had tears left in my eyes
My dad whispered me to smile
During the days I was on fire.

When I grew up
I saw hundreds of people
Claimed to be freedom-fighters
But they all became the zoo-keepers.

Some were good at lying
But some were really good at crying
Some said, they knew too much
But some, confused of the ‘knowing’.

During those days in prison
I walked as a gentle-man
During those nights in jail
I became a greedy-man.

During those days in the horizon
I played game with my lover
She said, she loved to be mine
She didn't know; I was just a loser.

My friends taught me
How to become a man
My girlfriends taught me
How to kiss a woman.

My friends loved me
By sitting and kissing drugs
My girlfriends loved me
By increasing and lifting lust.

When I arrived in another land,
I changed my channel
Some said, I lost my mind
Some said, I looked funnier.

May be they were right
What they said, I was sick
Look at the way I slept
Some days, I’d rot to pieces.

I was not afraid to die
But afraid to live as an ignorant guy
I always laughed when I should mind
I cried when I become one of them, guy.

I loved those night skies
Loved the stars flow and fly
They burned, they lighted and they fired
Permitted me to rest and rhyme.

The End

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