Under The Streetlight

A good old fashioned love related poem.

Under the streetlight

I feel like my soul's under the spotlight

exposed and so cold without you

because nothing feels right

Lying awake because I can't shake my dreams

nothing in my heart is as it seems

Screaming out what I feel inside

I thought we'd be happier apart

heaven knows how hard I tried

Letters sent back and forth

and life is a drag onwards

pressing on until we're gone

and suddenly hope is on the horizon

I couldn't fuel the hate forever

Maybe we should've stayed together

Here I stand under the streetlight

Here I am broken, and only you can set me right

Lying awake because I can't face my dreams

But the day offers nothing else to me

Shivering because I hate the truth

and I hate myself for it too

If only I could've been a better man to you

Maybe one day we'll work things through

Maybe I could find my way home to you

One day you'll feel the same as me too

The End

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