Under Stars

"The Silent Years" is the period of time since the last 'prophet' of god has talked with humans directly. I'm not christian, but just using the phrase in artistic context. Take what you will from it.

Watch the stars progress from the mountaintops.

Up, Up, into darkness.

Marble Monuments slouch over lives worked, not spent.

Helicopter searchlights, the hum of electricity.

We're living in the Silent Years,

so fill our ears with false prophets,

harsh dance beats.

Fabricate the loyal god.

Fabricate a spoiled god.

Fabricated your leather god.

Everything will dissolve like a pill on the tongue.

Adhere to the warm glow.

Listen to the plasma, let it circle your vision.

Ordain and distain because you know you have no choice.

Breed and beat that's just how it goes.

You were born with those boots on.


Build the past, tall.

It'll bring us forward.

Lead us up.

Lead us up.

Aluminum statues.

Replicates of great works.

An entire community filled with the well rounded.

Knowing a little bit of everything and a lot of nothing.

Permanent markers taken to the bible.

Citations rule the world.

We've turned from golden children to a fire filled zeppelin,

filled with paperwork.

Embrace the flame cause it can't be stopped.

We still want to hear you.

We still want to hear.

Clouds chase the stars away,

Tomorrow is always a new day.

Always a new day.

The End

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