Undefined love

There is always this sudden urge to realize the importance of a person in your life. You go all out to do everything you can just to see...
What exactly is between you two.
And then, after all tries... You finally realize it's love!
And its got no real definition :))

I myself refute possession,
Belonging comes.
After yearning to belong, to
someone you love.

My love for you,
intensifies in your absence.

Like after the war horn,
warriors fiercen?

So does my love,
After you are gone!

I am not inclined,
to draw on imagery.

But my life
appears so void!
Devoid of you!

Like a felt pen with no ink,
Like a palette lacking color,
Like a kingdom deprived, of its
beloved king!

My love for you fluctuates,
In its spirit and not enormity!
From time to time.

You are my need,
I love you,
for my sake, my greed.
Now and again.

Its like the concern,
That a mother tiger displays…
While clutching her infant,
by her teeth.

And at times when,
you aren’t around…

It’s just that fervent,

The End

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