Unconditional Love; Unforgivable HateMature

I don’t know who you are anymore

Or maybe I do

Maybe I’m finally seeing you

For who you really are

Maybe I’ve finally opened my eyes

To the man everyone else sees

The degrader

The bully

The dictator

But I can’t help but still love you

You’re my dad

Loving you is etched into the bone

Can’t destroy it without destroying me

But I can’t take it anymore

Your actions

Your words

You’re killing me

Destroying my sister

And degrading my mother


I say no more

You have to stop

Because all mum can think about

Is leaving you

Taking us all away

From you

And your control

But the problem

Oh, it’s a problem

We can’t go anywhere

Because, as you well know

You’re the pay check

You’re the reason we eat at the end of the month

So, you leaving

Means us starving

But right now I just don’t care

Because everyone

At some stage

Reaches breaking point

And I’m finally there

Wishing you gone

But wishing you better

Back the way you were before

But, I know the truth

I’ve learnt it the hard way many times

People don’t change

They don’t improve

So why would you?

How could you?

The stubbornest one of all.

The End

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