uncommon pairings

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  • cold sunrise

they watch the sun come up,
rays of light streaking across the clouds,
painting it in a lightshow of the aeons
but the flaming ball of gas does not give warmth this time,
no, this time it gives a cold sterile light
that does not provide heat, but instead enlightenment.


  • crisp sadness

sometimes depression
bleeds into a giant lump
like when you have too much water on your paintbrush
while doing watercolors
and everything just soaks the paper.
sadness can be a blurry,
upsetting thing.
and yet sometimes it's just a crisp emotion,
uncaring yet so defined.


  • dry feelings

he sobs in great, heaving breaths,
and she cries in stifled, quiet inhalations. 
one has wet feelings, their emotions curdling,
turning into one big soupy mess
while the other has dry feelings,
no need to cry, to soak your cheeks.
just to feel as though you are human
even though there is no need to sob.

The End

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