You stood before me an angel in my eyes,

Your porcelain skin and shining smile,

With sparkling eyes and irises the colour of morning skies,

Your appearance cleared the rain and made the world worthwhile.

Truly you are the symbol of this isle.


The lightning forked and thunder clapped,

But peaceful and calm you remained,

A smile crossed your lips that seemed to make the clouds adapt.

This just a fraction of the happiness you contained.

The feelings of you are still to be explained.


But the fates are cruel and often unheard,

Modesty and society prevent my feelings to be heard.


Several summers separate us, a blink in the eyes of time,

But a chasm in humanities line.


Could this truly hinder our time?

When did knowledge and experience become a curse?

Could my disclosure make anything truly worse?

This surely is society’s worst crime.


But alas you are happy with your yin,

If I act I will surely live in sin.

For such a loving unity is a holy bond,

I will not do that,  for you I am far too fond.


To want what’s best for the girl you love,

Can sometimes cause the greatest heart ache,

I am not the one to kill your dove.

Knowing you are happy keeps

The smile on my face,

I am willing to let another take,

My greatly sought after place.

The End

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