Dear mum,

Hello mum. You remember our conversation last night? I'd accidently let on I'd been thinking of suicide? You were very upset with me. You still are. You asked me when I planned on doing it, and I couldn't bear to answer you. You asked me how, and I told you. Truth is, I was going to last night. Hanging out with your friend and doing things and being really happy, changed it. She saved my life, and no one knows it but me. No one. Oh mum, I've only stuck around to be strong for you. I'm not strong anymore, despite what everyone says and tells me. To be honest, I got so weak, I didn't want to try anymore. Last night gave me hope. I'm still weak, but I promise to try harder, we'll see together if I can make it through this. We'll see. I love you mum.

The End

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