Dear Mom,

Even though you weren't my mom, it always felt like you were. You were there for me, when I had no one else. You were there, and you knew how I was feeling, what I was feeling. I became like your daughter, and you became like my mum. I loved you as so. When I found out you had commit suicide, I was thrust into pain, nothing, and numbness. It had been two months. I was last to find out. The only other people that were as hurt as I was were your husband, my mum, and my brother. What's your son supposed to do now? When someone asks him, what his mom does, what is he supposed to say? "I don't know, she killed herself when I was five". He lost Bruce, and now he lost you. That hurts everyone, but god damnit you were his mother! You were my mother! Our beautiful, talented, smart, strong mother. What do we do without you? I never did get to tell you you were beautiful, how much you meant to me, how amazing you were, or how important you'd been while I was trying to figure things out. You were a very important role player in my life, one I'd love to have back. Oh, why did you have to think you were bulletproof? You most certainly were not. Now everyone's left hurt and broken, and not understanding. I know though, I could have saved you. Finding out you were gone, I lost a little sanity. *Sigh* You will always be in my heart, mind, and with me, always. You will always be missed. We all love and miss you, mom. 

The End

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