For you, you have this

These are all letters, for my friends, the ones they will never see. The one for my boyfriend, the one he may never see. The one for the girl I like, the one she'll never see.

Dear Carpano,

Yes, that works. Using your last name. I love your last name. I want it to be my last name.  This is what, my third, fourth letter to you? You saved me. Countless times. I don't understand, you didn't even know me that night. What could I possibly have meant to you? I was nothing, no one. And yet, here we are. And my mum is warming up to me being so young and ready to buy you a ring. Oh, I love how it looks. Not only that- but because I'm Norse, it's what I'm supposed to use. It's the one you'd end up wearing. Oh, you don't even know. You're so very handsome, and I tell you all the time. Why don't you understand? I mean it, every time. Why don't you get it? I don't want someone BETTER. I don't need someone better. I have you, and you're all I want and need. I just wish you could see yourself in my eyes. My mum, she respects you. She is happy that I have you in my life, because she told me one night, she said that she was scared I was going to kill myself soon, until you came alone and made everything better. You took my pain away. You made me happy, and I never thought I could be happy like you make me. I don't care if there's some one better out there that can make me feel the way you do, I don't want to find anyone else. It's not worth letting someone else in. It's not worth trying to make them understand. It's not worth losing you. It isn't worth anything. I just wish, I could show you how you make me feel, and the effect you have on me. We live so far apart, and I fell in love with your personality. With your everything. I love you, with all of my heart. I don't want your normal response, the cute one calling me a nidiot, or something else cute. I want a meaningful response. I promise, I swear, I will NEVER hurt you like she did. I'm not her, you can trust me. I'm here for you. You know I always will be. We're best friends- and we're boyfriend and girlfriend. So please, let me show you there is so much more, so much better than what she did. I promise, you won't regret it. I love you.

The End

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