I lie awake, tears streaming down my face, my stomach in unclenchable knots, every nerve ending on fire, aware of every touch and every sound. I feel it as the salty tears drip down my face and across my lips, feeling the pain in the warm liquid. I clench and unclench my fist, curling into a half ball, my legs pressed against my chest, and my head thinking. Constantly thinking. Dark spiraling thoughts, a vortex that starts at my fingers and soon consumes me. The deep visionless pain, overwhelming my senses. Pitch black, I cannot see. I only feel and hear. Aware yet unaware of my surroundings. My head feels as though someone has taken a million nails and is one by one slowly easing them into my brain. I feel the squash, as it pierces my skull and the blood begins to ooze out from either side of them . Yet my mind ticks on, like a clock with an unending life. The annoying ticking and tocking that makes me want to throw the clock at the wall and watch as it shatters into a million little pieces.      My muscles tense. 

Yet I still feel it,                                                                                                                                             Every fiber in my body, screaming, roaring ...... Crying,


The End

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