Whatever anyone says I am still going to believe religiously that it is true and that it is hard to guess and I'm the one that wrote it.

But on a more serious note, I wrote this on my bed in my room, being the only one in the house. The first three lines I have tried to use at least 5 times in other pieces of poetry but they just didn't seem to fit but I finally found which jigsaw they fit into.

It was nice, just t embrace quiet, especially since I'm almost always listening to music or ha

What is a voice left unheard? 
Or a song left unsung? 
A bell unrung? 

Surely 'nothing' is what they all say 
But 'nothing' could never suffice 
With a thought like this? Cold as Ice. 

Do you know the answer? 
Take your best guess 
With a little hope, you're not like all the rest. 

Take your precious time, 
Don't listen to what the others say 
You wouldn't think about this every day 

Now you're sitting quietly 
You might see exactly what I mean 
Have you notice how silent you've been? 

If after all this 
You don't have a clue 
A hint, a riddle I will give you 

We make it, we break it 
Each and every day 
Just by saying the words we say 

Some call it awkward 
To make it a joke 
Others sit in it after a loved one has choked 

If you are still wondering 
"Whatever could it be?" 
Read a little further and maybe you'll see 

It's said to be golden 
Sometimes I tend to disagree 
It would put some people out of a job, maybe you or me 

But don't take it the wrong way 
It is something truely enchanted 
And something we oft take for granted 

If you haven't found out 
I better give it away 
I'm running out of paper and lines to say 

What is a voice left unheard? 
Or a song left unsung? 
A bell unrung? 


The End

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