1. Scene & not heard.

under the seditious fist of time / I feel ensnared;

tangled within / crimson ribbons / my qualities remaining hidden /

a tongue that dances behind lips to speak / cut out by teeth /

our own teeth / by your teeth / and my teeth /

mighty flags rolling / falling / failing to fly /

artistic identity / bites its time / baits a line /

grabs a pew / waits for you / to speak…

 Abandonment /

your god emerges / converges with thought

through a lack of faith / emotion / talent / art /

carted away under cerulean pulse /

the sable stars stitched in their eyes / can I move through this motion

through the crowded womb of prosaic notion /

through the crimson canals into the bloated world

of dramatic effluence and past oceans of persistence /

or /

will I find / tumbling down / like the towers

in the past / there were umbra hours /
a place to sign my life away

to the 999 / or the 911 / hell’s engines kick / pistons firing a 666

across the silvery seams of my skull / blooming like glassblowers /

pumped full of pipedreams / when I sing / when I dance / when I act…

i even punctuated the sky with letters of neon/

but no one could trace the words forged in forgotten fireworks.

now fireflies gather in the aphotic night / pinned like gems

caucasian against your skin / as embers ignite our home /

we’re cornered against the pages of a saccharine smile /

sweet enough to melt hollywood

we watch as the paper flickers into a prologue of possible fame /

our glass skin heats / whilst moth wings beat / against the flutter of flame
at the centre of our hurt / our heart / our heat / our dirty smiles /

tragic words taste like bile on that bitten tongue / for how long

has our world been so undone? /

so I beg you to watch this burning building

see the charcoaled skeletons wielding our fiery flag /

in fact / forget that / united / black jack / west end roulette /

if I take the gamble / I could beat the flames yet /
I can’t walk alone

through the embers of this world /

is this art on fire / ?

will you let it fall? / will you let them win? / will you let them

burn corrosive marks in your skin /

tie these caustic lies until they’re buried deep within? /

will you march as I march / april rains / come whatever may / june / july /

or paint your own words into the smoke burdened sky /

through time /

bring dreams and love and courage / to our world /

remember adventure and pinpoint your favourite stars to your lovers eyes /
remember why you began to try / why you live and why you’d die /

remember all the words that / without any doubt / kept your heart beating /

retreat into yourself and read another line of your favourite words /

pour water on the burning building /

write a reason in your mind. 

The End

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