ultraviolet sun rays

my verses scream
like bloody gulls
preying on the sea
knowing that one day
they will fall,
they will fall. 

my words just
break like brittle bones
trying to absorb each
tiny amount of calcium
but it is too late,
too late to save them. 

my letters stumble
as though they are 
running a race in stiletto heels,
the shoes disintegrating because
this isn't the Land of Oz,
these aren't Ruby Slippers.  

my skin shudders
like it is a beast
trying to unravel
what it is made of
-what am i made of? 
what am i made of?

my definition of self
shivers like it is trying
to come in from the cold-
the dictionary is frigid,t
he air comes out in 
visible puffs of breath

my hands seize and
run fine tremors through them
as if they are a gash
that will not heal
despite opposing forces. 

The End

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