Two-faced girl

I once met girl with a head on each shoulder
Like her heart, her face split when she saw how much colder
The world was than what she'd assumed first contemplating
The kind of boy she'd like to ask to start dating

Ignored by the hordes of her prospectives lovers,
Her soul split in half, sitting under the covers
That kept warm her lonely, one-girl-only bed
And stopped the paps spotting her pretty new head

She wanted to make sure she'd never be lonesome
Even if she would have to look wholly unwholesome
She'd hide and deride the entire male gender
And scribble on mail she got RETURN TO SENDER

There was one boy who didn't think her a freak
He liked her odd looks and her 'carnival chic'
The letters she got were small notes of affection
To coax her out of doors, (he hoped) in his direction

He could bear it no longer and rapped on the pane
Of her blind bedroom window, again and again
A crack in the blinds showed him four eyes so pretty
That he'd cry out their virtues across the whole city

If only they'd left him with some kind of voice
And the look on his face left her only one choice
She ran straight outside with both heads pushed together
And he kissed all her lips like he'd kiss them forever

Her head and heart healed, her face bloomed like a rose,
Then exploded in his mouth, ears, teeth, eyes and nose.

The End

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