This is one I think needs an introduction as I'm not sure how noticeable it is on my profile picture but I'm not the biggest girl in the world. This poem is fully aimed at me! I struggle with eating on my own and can't do so unless I am doing something else simultaneously, it is kind of an issue which does impact my every day life and seeing as I was sat at my laptop I figured 'why not write a poem about it! It might help' so here is a poem version which has been tamed quite a lot to reflect my views on what goes through my head every time I eat.

eat until you are full

eat until you are sick

eat until you have no more

eat until you are thick

and if they tell you you are fat

if they laugh and point

if they tell you you are ugly

then enjoy another lamb joint

eat until you feel grotesque

eat until you clothes don't fit

eat until you don't fit in the door

eat every last bit

for you are hideous and vile

you are nothing but filth

you are everything I hate

and you are myself.

The End

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