In a humane worldMature

Just a quick note to prevent any questions.This is based not on my own experiences but on a girl my mum met once, she is the same age as me, suffers from CF and was sixteen when the events occurred. I know this is applicable to so many cases and it just isn't on! I hope no one is offended, or extremely upset (a little emotions would be a great outcome though!) by what I've written.

Intense stares follow me around the room

I move one way and they move too.

I wish I could be someone else,

Somewhere else,

but I am here.

I take my stand, my hand on the Bible

As the bailiff swears me in.

Deep breaths don't hinder

The nerves in me

As I look at you.

I tell them of that night,

With tears in my eyes

And although I am afraid

My eyes are fixed on you.

You plead 'not guilty'

A smugness in you lip

And I know it'll be a long battle.

I fight it through, the evidence

The heartbreak

And then they say the words

I should have known I would hear

'Not enough evidence' 

'She asked for it'

'What proof do you have?'

And after each stab to my heart

The verdict is released.


What else should I expect?

In a modern world,

A 'humane' world,

Where rape is still a 'myth'.

The End

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