It Started With a HugMature

It started with a hug,

It should have ended there.

I had a boyfriend who loved me;

Loved me way too much and it had me scared.


It was a drunken hug,

Led to a drink, a kiss

And somehow, after just a little hug,

It led to your bed.


Just a stupid, stupid hug,

And your ears to listen,

Your warmth to seek comfort in,

And your bed to rest my head.


It was a harmless hug,

That led to curling up together,

To laugh at ‘Fresh Meat’

And cry at ‘The Guardian’.


It was a meaningless hug

That started to mean so much more;

That broke up my relationship

And fractured how I was perceived.


It was nothing but a hug

That broke my heart

Left me with regret

That took more than a while to heal.

It was only a hug,

A hug that I got over,

A hug I could forget.

A hug I didn’t need to think about.


It was a year later,

I was happy,

Everything was finally perfect;

Then, across a bar, you smiled.

The End

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