two lines appeared

2 lines appeared & I asked god why

My first hello was my last goodbye I had no choice but to send u back

You would've pulled me off track

Selfish? I'm somewhat aware

But to greet you with nothing, would've been something I don't think I could bare

I wasn't ready to be what u needed

Inside I feel defeated

Should I have tried to fight it?

Even though your timing was not lovingly invited

Out of all people you chose me 

It hurts, knowing your face is one ill never get to see

I'm Torn but not quite broken

said wat I would do & did it without chokin

I knew your fate before it was even in question

Forever ill live with this lesson

My heart carries the thought of u

Love can sometimes look black&blue

Tears are felt but not heard

This type of pain cannot be cured

Just a damp cry of silence

My mind can't erase such violence

Every small face reminds me of the person u could've been

A reflection of me I wouldve seen within

Your bible might say its a sin

my god knows either way, this decision was impossible to win

But in my heart u will forever be

A strength I carry through all my misery

U are my child that never got the chance to be

The End

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