Two Ladies from Shetland

A Doggie Doggeral

Two ladies in fur do grace my life,

so different that sometimes they bring me strife,

one is elegant, soft and grey,

the other, she's just a youngster at play.


From Shetland Isle, their ancestry does trace,

A wooly and whimsical shepherding place,

The one, the lassie is so bonnie and fine,

The other's a color, .quite hard to define


Lady Rose is the Queen, the Grand Dame of the Lair,

Miss Cassie, the Joker, the Whimsy, the Dare.

I often have wondered, how these two are fast friends,

So different, so polar, from the opposite ends.


So a lesson I do believe can be learned,

From the partnership they have created and turned,

We all might be better if we all did respect,

The part of our souls that does intersect.



The End

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