Two Hearts...Become One

Warm feeling, skin tingles.

Sweet scent mingles.

Dreams alive, eyes cant close.

Love blooms, a beautiful rose.

Tears of happiness, cheeks glow red.

Three words, they`ve all been said.

Soft clouds, view is clear.

A great smile, it fixes the fear.

Talking for hours, time begins to fly.

You stare at nothing, you begin to cry.

Lots of laughs, jokes are greater.

It breaks your heart to even say “later”.

Everything is perfect, the world is good.

You would live forever, if you could.

First time together, you run out of words.

You walk together, a flow like birds.

You hold hands, your first touch.

Tingle to tingle, a love of such.

Hand and hand, heart beats fast.

You know the feeling. . .and you know it`ll last.

Just believe, for your dreams have came true.

You wonder if they feel the same, and they do.

Your looks aren`t great, but you both don’t care.

For the first time you say life can be fair.

Two personalities feel like one.

Stress is overwhelmed by fun.

The secret you hold keeps the bind.

You see, you have made up your mind.

Far away, you two live.

All the sacrifice you two give.

You cant sleep, thoughts speeding.

Words written, always reading.

You run home just to check for a note.

You read over and over things you wrote.

Make it perfect just for her.

You right about everything, and how things were.

Love, sweet love.

Flowing like a sweet dove.

Sadness is gone, doubts are none.

Finally two hearts…become one.

The End

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