Two Golden Hearts

This piece was inspired tonight after a friend posted: "If 4 people were dying & you could only save one, what qualities would you look for in the one to get your aid?"
I strayed off on a tangent of the concept.


the neglected child

abused before they were abandoned;

left feeling hopeless without direction.

The heart blackens and grows colder.

All the while...



praying for love before they grow another day older.

Seeing love through others' experiences all around them.

Never really feeling it due to the disconnectedness

stemming from their own mind-set of worthlessness.

Puberty hits them,

lacking social skills causes rejection.

Fears blossoming,

the downward spiral darkening.


Days pass by,

time begins to fly.

Now you have an adult

secretly wishing on the inside,

that they'd just roll over and die.

A soul engulfed in dismay,

a "pointless" life just wasting away.

So tired,

so weak,

as they fall asleep

they feel so meek.

Like a tiny blip on the radar,

in their city,

on their street.





On the flip side,

here's the "nice guy".

So far they've had a great life.

Rules and boundaries, as a toddler runnin' round the knees,

of grateful parents that chose build their family

on a foundation of

trust, love and stability.

Now this child knows all about security.

Learned healthy communication before they could speak.

A child having parents that took time to read and to teach,

instead of plopping their tiny one in front of the tv.

Gentle tonal inflections

were used to pass on

the previous generations'

useful life lessons.

Now here comes the teen,

ingrained with compassion.

They speak from a heart,

filled with love, life and joy.


Days pass by,

time begins to fly.

Now you have an adult

from the other side.

Their grass is green,

rich with nutrition.

Life means somethin'.

Investing in their community

is not perceived as burdening.

They're sharing their heart

that's sewn on their sleeve.

Enriching the lives

of the surrounding beings;

animals, people and plants alike.

This person knows love

and what it means to truly live life.


Now here's the question imposed by a friend:


"Who would you save, if one of these people's life had to end?"


If it all boiled down to your decision,

who keeps on livin'

and who goes to their grave?

Who would you choose?

The kind, loving soul?

Or the shell of a person,

consumed with hate?


Imagine if you were not given the chance to shine.

Imagine if after death, you crossed no one's mind.


Would you take a chance on the faint-hearted underdog?

Would you take the time to show them what love... means,

how it feels?

Would you present them with the tools to learn to love themselves?

Would you try and guide them to the core of their being?

Would you prove to them, that even their life has meaning?


I would!



Because that loving person who died with a heart of gold,

will go to their grave with a much more serene soul.

Worst case scenario,

the "deadbeat" dies unchanged.

Unwilling to learn the lessons you learned

and tried to teach again.

But if that soul does happen to come around

When you die...

you'll know...

there's two golden hearts in the ground.

The End

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