Two Doves

Finding Love

You once said.


"O fair maiden

            Sleep in the rose garden and

            Awake in morning dew,

             Say, I have finally found you."


You once said.


"   Clues will shimmer vivid memories

      Within transforming shades of sky blue,

        Smiling iris' forever true

          Will allow the desirous to purely view,

            Past the Chameleon's disguise,

             To see where the lonely dove flies."


You once said.


"In the distance will lay a bare heart,

            Grasp for it , and If ye covet with care,

             In vibrant colors the flowers shall flare."


You once said.


               "    In Matrimony

                       Doves will fly, not in fear but as pairs,

                         Within this heavenly garden

                           Love will flourish in bliss


                             All shall sing in a fanfare."


You once said

This would become true.





The End

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