Two Diverse Roads

This about two paths that you can take....which one will you choose?

I want to forget, be  numb but how?

I just want out.

I follow everything to the letter,

but nothing ever seems to get better.

I could go get drunk,

lose myself in drugs,

let the pain fall down in blood.

Or......I could run.

I could run in the right direction,

intead of leading a life of hurt and deception.

I don't want to lie,

but I'm tired of crying.

I could follow God's plan,

or be the devil's best friend.

It's up to me to choose,

what's there to lose?

My family, my friends, everything I ever had.

But, I could lose the pain-the hurt i choose bad.

but would i really?

or would it be hidden?

Pain is like writing in pencil-

you can erase it, but the indentions are still there

and you can always go back and rewrite it.

nothing is written in ink, mabye  i could just choose to be free.

The End

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