Two Birds On A Wire.

At the end of a long, dark tunnel; a ray of light shines.
The silhouette of two birds about to take flight, 
Dances in your sight.
Into the gloom abyss,
Out into the dark, to the world unknown- 
Ventures of one-all alone.
While the other sits to ponder whether or not to forgo the flight,
Into the endless, unpredictable night.
Something deep inside you stirs,
An indescribable longing,
Because, locked in the sequestered chamber of your heart dwells freedom.
Such as the bird on the wire-
Pondering life away…
So too are you, your freedom, your chance to soar above the sea, into the clouds.
Not a thing is hindering you, other than yourself.
To be free is a choice.
You have to spread your wings and fly….

The End

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