Twisted minds in this town.

So a poem, not sure how bad it is.
I have had difficultly and this is a poem to express my feelings.

Twisted hearts burn in the furnace, 
melting, crackling in their sternness. 
Hearts torn, hearts broken,
Hiding the things that have never been spoken. 

A twisted face, a broken heart,
Ripped by things that tore us apart. 
Engulfed by night, we are alone, 
Fear filling us to the bone. 

I have been hurt, 
My life kicked in the dirt.
Friends turn and put daggers in, 
And I turn to sin. 

All I do is wrong, 
And it's hard to say strong. 
You turn me into a villain, 
Now I feel insufficient. 

I'm gone, you'll never know,
About how I can begin to grow. 
I'm spreading my wings, leaving this place, 
And my memories, I shall erase. 

The End

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