Twisted in Dancing ShadowsMature

Dreams can be very powerful; including dreams of desire and loneliness. Sometimes, the only way to express something so vivid is to recreate in any medium necessary which accurately depicts the theme.

Through a lace covered window moonlight creeps
Wind makes tree branch shadows dance in the room
Looming overhead like a forgotten child on the wall
Bluish gold moonlight haze falls on her porcelain face
A faint white aura envelopes her exposed skin
Irridescent pearl drop beads of sweat
Catch moonlight glint above arched brows
Deep shadows cast in hidden caves
Shamelessly, skillfully, they stalk her
Sending cascades of shaded bliss onto restless legs
Her sleeping eyes speak hushed words without sound
Expressions that, if could speak would
Plead for her sentence or reprieve
They watch and whisper to stir her barely from slumber
A thousand arms, a thousand hands, fingers swing
Anxiously back and forth across her ageless body
Strobes of blue, flicker from one side to the other
On such an angelic silhouette
Devoured in an askew lack of light
Twisted in dancing shadow covered sheets
Head tilted back in pleasured agony
Her eyes scream what her lips cannot
With blue hued lips and tints of gold
She wets them and opens

Sinfully, slowly...


The swarm of heated shadows

The new moon touches her soul

She exhales slow


As sleepy shadows escape her lips
Closing the window softly as they leave
She settles, darkness blankets her
Kissing her good night.

The End

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