That’s how I feel,
Like tangled headphones,
In a careless person’s pocket.
A knot with no beginning,
No ending,
And no way to be undone.
Feelings like a tidal wave,
Judging what I think,
Constantly changing what I want.
I need a distraction,
An escape from reality,
Water for the fire that’s about to start.
The more I observe,
The more I discover,
The more twisted I feel.
No concentration left,
In a fog so thick it’s hard to breathe,
I need a breeze, a glimpse of sun.
Some one give me clarity,
Ease my tired mind,
With something new, something real.
This cant last forever,
Sooner or later some things gotta give,
Something else will come along,
But until then I’m,

The End

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