Twin Blue Highway Head

This was inspired by Buddy Wakefield's poem of the same name. The goal was to take the first line of the poem I liked the least in his collection and rewrite it.

It’s 4:46am in the Seattle airport


I’ve never been to Seattle

It’s probably more like 1:16am in Tucson, Arizona

I can only sleep if I’ve done a thorough enough job

carefully fabricating a world

Thoughts of school and life 

keep me awake

throwing my painted ideas and words across

the white walls

making them glow

you wouldn’t be able to sleep

if the walls of your mind were glowing

So I carefully weave carpets and stuff pillows

to allow the maintenance crew to paint everything

white again

although sometimes they don’t

and I’m left wallowing

in glowing neon agony

Other times the colors seep through and find a way into the daylight

An image crept into my thoughts

after carefully slipping through a couple windows and

waiting in darkness shrouded corners

even though I ask time and time again for the lightbulbs to be replaced


it was a path

and like most paths in the mind

it split and ventured off in different directions

one was not more traveled than any of the others

destroying my instinct to live in platitudes

and ‘pull a Robert Frost’

I wanted to split myself at the seams 

to traverse all three


although I have no seams

no hitches in the fabric

nowhere to pull away me from myself

So instead of choosing

I sat in the misery of wholeness

looking for seams

loose threads

anything to free me from myself

and myself from I

The End

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