day six

Date: 06-01-2015

undiscovered Stars

The stars shimmered from within their blanket of darkness
and I remember her pointing out the dullest flame
speaking of undiscovered beauty and dreams
of her chase toward perfection
when all I could do was sit and stare
in the presence of a Goddess
whose blind eyes absorbed the darkness of a corrupt world
oblivious to the purest light that shone from within.

Maybe one day she'll see
more to the world than the ugly lies and deceit
that pray on her innocence and kindness
I pray to the heavens from which she descended
that one day she'll know 
a drop of stardust like her deserves more.

But for now, I watch in revered silence
as she sings poetry,
weaves truth and pain in her words. 
I see a future 
that promises everything she wishes for
and her long journey
I find myself living for.

The End

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