day two

Date: 02-01-2016

tied down

Whatever I do, whatever I say
I can't seem to find a way
Out this hellhole, out my life
Is there anything I can do to end this strife?

What's wrong, what can we do, they ask
As if they know what's best
I silence their voices and try to realize
That I've got to stop being hypnotized

To open my eyes, to be free
Without their expectations containing me
My wishes and my desires
Are the way to light the fire

Stifled, once again
By the very ways in which this began
With their interference, with their words
Hurled right at me; it stops my soul

How to go on
To ignore
The people whose thoughts
Shouldn't matter more

But again, I stop.
I reform
I fail.

Tied down by society
Their ideals lost to me
I live an everlasting lie
Strung along; never freed.

The End

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