Twenty Five

Twenty Five

Twenty five years and what have I learnt.

I learnt how to speak, say the words that people want to hear.

Have I yet learnt to say what they need to know.

I have learnt to open my eyes and see.

I can see the wondrous things all around me -

Am I missing something? Do I see only what I think I want to see.

Do I see the good and maybe not the bad.

I can love.

Be loved.

Embrace a love so powerful that it can alter everything I believe or everything I ever wanted.

At twenty five I’ve seen the world.

Been far and seen so much.

But have I really seen enough.

Twenty five and to know a little, but not quite know that much.

Too young to be considered as too old.

Too old to be considered as young.

I only know with time, my twenty five will mature.

Along with it, Ill learn and grow.

With so many things I need to know.

Twenty five.

To twenty five more.

The End

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