Twelve days of Christmas


On the first day of Christmas
my laptop I finally closed
left all emails unanswered
and my cell phone indisposed

On the second day of Christmas
to my bed I happily retired
spent the entire morning dreaming
that my office was set on fire

On the third day of Christmas
I shopped for food comforting
gorged on anything dark and decadent
that all year I had been suppressing

On the fourth day of Christmas
I turned to the silver screen
for marathon session of watching
with some titles worth repeating!

On the fifth day of Christmas
the spouse begged me to leave
the house for a few errands
the exertion left me grieved

On the sixth day of Christmas
depression began to reign supreme
The days seemed much longer now
and the nights were especially mean

On the seventh day of Christmas
desperate to drive away the blues
removed my frozen laptop
searching for something to do

On the eighth day of Christmas
within an hour of getting online
started to work for a regular day
but most of the systems were offline

On the ninth day of Christmas
the spouse dragged me to many stores
she spent many hours in tranquil bliss
while I waited, slept and snored

On the tenth day of Christmas
aimlessly I spent time in every room
the solution that my wife decided
was cleaning with the aid of a broom

On the eleventh day of Christmas
I had finally begun to enjoy
the holidays just becoming intersting
while I rediscovered my electronic toys

On the twelfth day of Christmas
Reality had begun to set in
to work and the horrors of commerce
and the sounds of co-workers fighting

The End

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