'Twas the Week Before Christmas!

silly poem about craziness before the holidays

Twas the week before Christmas


‘Twas the week before Christmas, and throughout the whole school,

Festivities were rampant with sweets to make you drool.

The students were CRAZY, causing teachers to say,

“You better be good! You’ll be sorry Christmas Day.

Your parents will hear about your lack of control

And all you will get is a BIG LUMP OF COAL!”

Mrs. Dennehy was busy re-shelving her books-

Hoping to be finished before her lunch with the schnooks.

The phone in the office was ringing a lot –

Kids were at home and “slinging the snot”.

Marla and Cindy were reeling from calls

And sending out aids with notes down the halls.

Mr. Woodward was tired of this madcap fleet

And could hardly wait for the Mistletoe Retreat.

The teachers were patient – more than you know!

Hoping and hoping that soon it would snow.

A snow day can fix a kid’s attitude fast

And the teachers think, too, that it is a BLAST!

Not going to school makes everyone squeal

With excitement, joy, and Christmas zeal.

Here’s hoping you have a wonderful time

Reading and laughing at my silly rhyme.

I wish you a bunch of Christmas cheer

And loads of great wishes for the coming new year!


The End

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