Turn Off The Lights

So come on, turn off the lights
Give me that feeling you want me to have
Fill my veins with power

Take away this leaden nothing.
Take away the panic
Take away my fear.
I'm scared and I'm sad that I'm scared
Can you figure that out?

I cry for no reason,
Or no reason I can explain
For though I know you love me
You can't love away my pain.

I am full of contradictions
Haven't you noticed yet, darling?
I'm scared to be touched but I'm terrified
Of being alone.

You touch me with love but your hands bring me fear
I push you away while holding you near
I need you to leave while still staying here
I'm sorry, I'm sorry for being this unclear.

Keep trying my darling,
I'm sorry I'm hard
But I need you, I need this.

The End

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