Tumbling, stumbling, tripping I go

I feel like Im falling head over my heels

Fumbling, grumbling, now I've let go

I feel my life losing it's touch with the real

Breaking and ripping, and shredding apart

I think my head just ran away with my heart

It took it away where it can't cause me harm

But it's crept back again and it's using it's charm

To will me to love and to make me lose grip

To lull me to think that I'm eager to slip

Down that dark little hole in the floor where I stand

Which will swallow me up less I hold up my hand

And say no, wait a minute, I don't feel that great

About sliding and gliding away to that fate

I'd rather be leaping and jumping with glee

That there's only one person I love, and that's me

The End

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