Tuesday In February

I awoke on a Tuesday, to bouquets of heavenly flowers,

And wondered if forever could ever be ours.

I would sacrifice my days and surrender these hours,

For a moment to bathe in serenity’s shower.

Love rains.


Love reigns, above lust, above pain. Amongst us it sustains.

Through Love you became everything that runs through my veins

Through your touch I was tamed. Able to let go of such unjust disdain,

For those who arose to use Love in vain.

Love is your name.


What remains is a soul now healed of its fracture.

I relinquish control, as I yield to your rapture.

We commit in this instant and forever thereafter,

To express with a kiss what our words cannot capture.


Lost on your lips, I am found in your stare.

My thoughts dance with enchantment, unbound to care.

Entranced by your beauty, I abandon dispair

You leave me breathless,

and You become my air.

Inside you, but beside myself

In awe of this moment and how alive I felt.

The End

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