Not EnoughMature

All of us can't sleep but me
As I can sleep just not right now
Not right now as voices whisper
Through my mind and in and out of me

But I could sleep if I wanted to
If I lie there for hours thinking, daydreaming, it's
Sleep eventually, isn't it?

Oh I'm just acting, I can sleep if I want to
With ticking clocks and whispered words
But I can sleep if I'm tired enough, that's got to be it, I'm just not tired

Not tired enough, rubbing my eyes and yawning. No
Not tired enough at all, just need to stay awake longer and then
I'll be able to sleep, right? I just need to be more tired as
The headache pounds against my head, screaming at me to go
To sleep.

But I can't.

I can.

Just not right now, I'm not tired enough as the weariness pulls at my eyelids
And the voice is telling me to go to sleep
And the clock keeps ticking and they're shouting at me in my head because they hate me
And I'm all alone but all
Together and everyone's here inside my head and I can't take this waking any-

I'm just not tired enough, I'll try again later.

The End

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