I'm losing sense of time
Sense of rhyme
Sense of lying

I'm losing grip on this
Grip on that
Grip on everything

Forgetting how to sleep
Thoughts so deep
Can't help but feel like a freak

Of nature
Alone and confused in this
State sure
I should be used to it now
Never sleeping somehow
Always awake never needing to bow down to dreams and let them take me.

I'm losing sense of life
What's this strife
Heaven forbid I would know how to

Anything real
Oh God it's like I am turning to steel

But this armors full of such know-
Of every person
In every inch of my life
Always awake and we're always together but always alone, I never remember to let myself go now.

Full of all of this

And it's scaring me,
Oh now

And I fear for my life
Stuck in this strife
Stuck in my mind
Filled with this kind
Of craziness and
I'm going mad
Somebody free me.

Oh God somebody free me.

Now it's all changing
They're rearranging
Into a sort of
Angry hateful mob of
Crazy yelling people with pitchforks and hateful words and everything that's in my mind that they know they can throw at me.

I'm going mad
I'm going mad
Somebody free-
Going mad..

Won't somebody free me..?

Is there no one.. who will.. free me..?

The End

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