Trusting You

This is just a poem about love and loss.

how can I trust you

how can I confide, depend, love again

you have ruined me

I once had a spark about me

I was glorious

like a fire I burned bright

I was a rarity

to me  the world was enticing and divine

but you took my hand in yours

and I became one of your possesions

I fell for you so deeply

the only thing I saw was your face

I only felt your touch

I only heard your voice

but you

you remembered as you kissed me

as you told me you loved me

that the world was wide

and as suddenly as you came in

like a candle alit

brightening the corners of the heart

the creavases of the mind

you left me

blowing out the flame

you left me for another

now I can say I have loved

I have loved like no other

but with tears

running down my cheeks

that you once kissed

I can say I have lost as well.

The End

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