Trust worthy (Lies,Deciet,Dreams)

A poem about lies,deciet and dreams

Trust worthy lies,

The promise that theres something above the skys,

They say theres much to look forward to,

But when your bodys in a grave there aint much to do,

So you keep lookin for that kingdom in the sky,

And ill just walk on by.


Trust worthy deceit,

Say that your leaving only today and one day well meet,

Everyone knows your goin forever,

And that "one day" has now turned into never,

So stuck in a dream of yesterday,

I find that todays gone away.


Trust worthy dreams,

Yes we know its not how it seems,

But its beter than whats real,

It hurts to much to feel,

So you just stay in reality,

I cant its to late for me.


Lies and deceit,

In the end its all our ears meet,

Weather you believe me or not,

Youll believe it when there words get caught,

When there plans and skeems,

Get entangled in your hopes and dreams,

Youll find what I sead is true,

Your trust is only left black and blue.

The End

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