Who is there to trust?

I made a vow to never speak

To those I do not Trust

For if their persons appear to be shifty,

Their minds must surely be unjust.

I used to be generous with my Trust;

I would display Her without a care.

But men with large mouths and wills to match

Can never identify as fair.


I scorned the shopkeeper who would smile at me

As I would scamper off to class.

I ignored the postman; the neighbors in their minivan

With a glare and a snarl most crass.


For my friends – I no longer have any

I have thankfully cut those ties.

And most family, once dear, I have avoided for years

For all attachment breeds lies.


Though One Person, however, has been allowed to see my Trust,

In all Her cherished Grace

And that One with whom all of me is entombed

Is my Mother and Her warm Embrace.


Never once a desertion, never once a lie

Never a cause for concern

With an Ear always prick’d and words harsh and strict

No other presence do I yearn.



Last night mother died, her ears now sealed, arms cold

She and I now separated by the sky.

Alone I sit near her bed,

The voices laughing in my head,

Taunting, “Who NOW will be your Guide?”

The End

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