Truly Tomb Raider

A little dedication to Lara Croft!

One slick plait falls down to the waist

She takes two trusty guns in haste

Slide into holsters, quick and clean

This woman is not all she seems


She runs, great treasures to pursue

Sometimes they're old, sometimes they're new

Across huge cracks and up walls she bounds

Accompanied by groaning sounds


Mercenaries and beasts are mere child's play

Not even a dinosaur stands in her way

Pistols are normally her weapon of choice

But she also works wonders with her sultry voice


She attracts both male and female alike

Whether soaring in copters or straddling a bike

Her gymnastic stunts never fail to amaze

Amongst thousands she has caused many a craze


Her followers cosplay, her look to portray

Some remained glued to game screens all day

From forums to fandubs,  artwork to fiction 

We see that ol' gal's not one for the kitchen


She's given a franchise of eight games thus far

Two movies, with Jolie as the superstar

Blond, Gibbins, Elliot, all followed by Hawes

Offered the voices that we fans adore


Lara Croft in the woman that this poem lauds

From ruins to rooftop, this girl is no fraud

I'm sure you'll agree, she's quite the crusader

Yes, she is truly the amazing tomb raider!






The End

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