True Story Bro

Sitting for once and letting words flow freely. What have I done?!?

I was running.

No I wasn't, I never do that...

I was swimming!

That's not right, since its the middle of winter...

I was walking..?

Yeah, that sounds about right.

So yes, I was walking.

The wind was blowing through my loosened hair.

Aggravated now, my tresses are ruined.

It two...three or six in the afternoon.

I have been walking forever, but maybe only for five minutes.

This story is awesome, just that facts aren't straight.

So I was walking, in the afternoon, the wind is blowing.

And then what?

Well, I see a squirrel.

A very tiny squirrel.

Tiny? Then it must have been a chipmunk.

Never mind the squirrel, it was certainly a chipmunk.

OK, so now I'm walking, its late afternoon, the wind is blowing, I see a chipmunk.

What about the chipmunk?

It was dancing.

I swear to god it was dancing.

Then it attacked me.

Sort of...

FINALLY, I was walking, late afternoon, the wind was blowing, I saw a chipmunk, it was dancing and it attacked me.

Swear to god. 

Funniest thing ever.

Not the attack...but that didn't really happen.

Still a cool story.

If it was true.

The End

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