True Path to Light

A poem I wrote a while ago, nice and philosophical, full of metaphor, and with a rhyme scheme.

Once there was dark,

today there is too,

but even in the darkest arc,

know still that light will come anew.

For each night, a new day,

each dusk leads to dawn,

darkness purged by sun this way,

one must simply hang on.

For even when lost in the night,

alone without anymore,

it is clear that within sight,

will be a land to cast ashore.

Even when it is not seen,

the shore is still there,

even in circumstance unforeseen,

one still has a where.

A destination out of sight,

but a location in grasp,

even in the toughest plight,

onto one’s dream one must clasp.

Keep a steady mind,

and a will of steel,

heart kind,

and one’s own ideal.

Your dream will guide you,

for dark fears nothing more,

and an iron will so true,

will ensure you find shore.

Others may join you,

but one must paddle alone,

for although one may keep crew,

useless is one who can’t hold one’s own.

Love very many,

trust very few,

but always be ready,

to paddle one’s own canoe.

Even when alone,

one must stay strong,

to return to lands sown,

to write a superior swan song.

The End

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