True Love Lost

Heart sinking to a depth unknown,
A ragged hole formed from sorrow sown,
Silent tears stream with a pretty shine,
Body fatigued till the end of time,

Holding on for dear life,
Probing for reason, to define,
Her life forward, what did it mean?
When he stripped her of happiness clean,

It wasn’t his choice, he had been forced,
By the reaper out of this world he was coerced,
And the poor thing with his body frail,
Had fought hard to live another day,

Oh but the reaper, the cold hearted reaper,
Unable to care, the stone hearted reaper,
Tugged harder and harder till my sweet love,
Was forced into sweet heaven above,

Leaving me to fall on my knees,
Weep and weep from what I had seen,
Left me to shake and shout and cry,
He never even said goodbye,
And as they sank him deep into the earth,
My heart was lost of all its mirth,
The man who had promised me his life,
Who had promised that I would be his wife,

And widowed I stand,
Heart foreign to love, to joy withstand,
Let sorrow and darkness be my company,
Till my heart can decipher true love’s symphony,
Once again. 

The End

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