True Love is Worth Waiting

I remember those conversations over text,

and I was so eager for what would happen next.

But you didn't really have a clue,

as to why I really really liked you.

So here I was, crying myself to sleep,

blaming you for not being able to count some sheep.

The things you said I thought meant something,

eight months go by and I realized they're nothing.

The laughs we shared, the tears we shed,

are now what you've considered dead.

And when the time came for you to leave,

I felt like I couldn't breathe.

You weren't here for that long,

almost like a stupid love song.

I know some people come and go,

it's just about as regular as the status quo.

No, please, don't feel bad,

can't you see you've done enough to make me this sad?

Take whatever you need,

and just leave my heart to bleed.

It's a shame you had to hate me so,

but I only learned one thing- this I know.

It's, when life offers love for the taking,

shake your head and just keep waiting.

True love is what we all look forward to,

and let me just say I'm so glad that mine wasn't you.

The End

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